Help Make A Difference

For years through today, Jean continues to give to each of the charitable initiatives that bear her name, as well as donations to a number of other individuals, organizations and goodwill activities in and beyond her community. By giving a donation, you help improve lives. Give because you want to be a part of the solution.

Make a tax receiptable donation to:
  1. Jean Augustine Chair in Education, Community and Diaspora at York University | DONATE HERE
  2. Jean Augustine Scholarship at George Brown (Single Mothers)
  3. Jean Augustine Scholarship at Centennial College (Young Entrepreneurs)
  4. Jean Augustine Legacy Scholarship at Humber College (Community Involvement)
Take Action - 10 Ways to help your community in 30 minutes or less:

Busy schedules should not exclude community involvement completely. In thirty minutes or less, anyone can make a difference in the community. Below are a few ideas of ways to contribute in the midst of your everyday activities.

  1. Exercise your civic duty and support candidates who reflect your values.
  2. Write a letter to local elected officials encouraging them for making good decisions for the community.People work harder when they know they are appreciated. And elected officials seldom hear enough encouraging words.
  3. Look for opportunities to give in your community.Many schools collect items, such as like canned foods, old coats, toys and eyeglasses, for less fortunate families.
  4. Find positive aspects of your community. Share share with other people. A positive image encourages residents to shop locally, increases the chance new businesses will open in the area and promotes growth.
  5. Take dinner to an elderly neighbor. If you have a family of four, cook enough dinner for five one night and deliver a plate to the widow next door. Your delivery helps you to get to know your neighbors better. And police promote knowing your neighbors as the best way to fight neighborhood crime.
  6. Attend a local festival or other event.Many have free admission and activities. Most festivals are actually fundraisers for non-profit organizations who make their money through sponsorships. Since sponsors look at attendance numbers to decide how much to give, your family can add to the number and help increase what businesses give next year.
  7. Encourage your employer to sponsor local events, join a civic organization or allow employees to volunteer during work hours.Many businesses have volunteer programs to reward employees for volunteering. Local news media often cover large volunteer events and having employee representation gives businesses extra publicity.
  8. By doing our part to contribute to the community, we add people to our circle of influence and gain opportunities to build relationships with our neighbours. We also demonstrate what it means to be a good citizen to our children.