The Honourable
Jean Augustine,
P.C., C.M., O.Ont., C.B.E.

The Honourable Jean Augustine served four consecutive terms from 1993-2006 in the Parliament of Canada

Working to Improve the Human Condition...

Girls & Women

A community can only reach its full potential by involving everyone in its social and economic life. Important to this are programs and initiatives that empower girls and women by expanding access to education, increasing economic opportunity, and providing opportunities for mentorship and leadership skills development.


Diversity is a key component of high performing societies and Jean believes in this. Greater outcomes emerge when people come together regardless of race, lineage, religion or gender.

Civic Participation

Civic participation is an effective means through which desired improvements in the human condition can be sought. Jean Augustine's legacy and continuing work is a strong example of how goals can be achieved through engagement.

Economic Empowerment

Economic empowerment is one of the keys to better outcomes in the human condition and Jean has always promoted this. It involves the capacity of women and men to participate, contribute and benefit from growth processes in ways that recognize the value of their contributions, respect their dignity and facilitate a fairer distribution of the benefits of growth.

The best way to unlock human potential is through the power of creative cooperation.